Các loại tiền điện tử:  11,123Trao đổi:  391Vốn hóa thị trường:  $1,653,108,808,894Khối lượng trong vòng 24 giờ:  $80,907,288,766Tỷ lệ thống trị:  BTC: 46.7% ETH: 18.8%Phí gas trên ETH:  35 Gwei
Các loại tiền điện tử:  11,123Trao đổi:  391Vốn hóa thị trường:  $1,653,108,808,894Khối lượng trong vòng 24 giờ:  $80,907,288,766Tỷ lệ thống trị:  BTC: 46.7% ETH: 18.8%Phí gas trên ETH:  35 Gwei

Huobi TokenHT

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Giá Huobi Token (HT)


0.0002704 BTC2.36%

0.004184 ETH2.36%

24 giờ
HT  Huobi Token HTPrice: $11.13 2.36%
Vốn hóa thị trường
Vốn hóa thị trường được pha loãng hoàn toàn
Khối lượng
24 giờ
Khối lượng / Vốn hóa thị trường
Lượng cung lưu hành
167,856,506.25 HT
Tổng cung tối đa
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HT Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

Giá Huobi Token hôm nay$11.13 USD với khối lượng giao dịch trong 24 giờ là $191,954,589 USD. Huobi Token tăng 2.36 trong 24 giờ qua. Thứ hạng hiện tại trên CoinMarketCap là #54, với vốn hóa thị trường là $1,869,041,194 USD. Lượng cung lưu hành là 167,856,506 HT đồng coin và lượng cung tối đa là 500,000,000 HT đồng coin.

Các sàn giao dịch hàng đầu để giao dịch Huobi Token hiện nay là CoinTiger, FTX, Huobi Global, BitWell, . Bạn có thể tìm thấy các sàn giao dịch khác trên của chúng tôi.

What Is Huobi Token (HT)?

Huobi Token (HT) is the native token of the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global. It is a decentralized digital asset based on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC-20 compliant. HT’s value is in part reliant upon the reputation of the Huobi crypto exchange, yet other factors also have an impact.

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Huobi Token is a relatively young project. It first launched in January 2018, hot on the heels of the release of a native token on rival crypto exchange Binance. Having its own token allows Huobi to build a flexible marketing strategy in order to attract new users and further grow its platform.

One key function of the token is to reduce commissions for trading operations on the exchange, which are usually paid from users' wallets. Yet the token has much more to offer. Using HT, users can purchase monthly VIP-status plans to receive discounts on transaction fees. Token holders have the right to vote on exchange decisions, can receive crypto rewards for seasonal buybacks, and also get early access to special events. HT holders can, at any point, trade the token for other cryptocurrencies.

Who Are the Founders of Huobi Token?

Leon Li is the founder and CEO of Huobi Group. Having graduated from Tsinghua University (Department of Automation), he became a proponent of Bitcoin in 2011. Li began his career as a computer engineer at Oracle, the world's largest database provider. In 2013, he founded Huobi Group, took over the management of the company and transformed it into a leading global player in the provision of financial services in the field of digital assets.

Jun Du is Huobi’s co-founder. Prior to his role at Huobi, he was a community operations director at Comsenz and worked at Tencent. In addition, Du serves as CEO at Node Capital (a venture capital firm with a focus on the blockchain industry), is the founder of Jinse (a blockchain service platform integrating industry news, market information and data) and is co-CEO at BiKi.com (a software provider for digital currency trading). Lastly, he has co-founded companies that include AToken and Chainup.

In 2018, the founder of Crypto Chain University, Herbert Rafael Sim, joined the Huobi Group team. Sim has an impressive track record and has contributed to the development of Forbes, The Huffington Posts and Wardrobe Trends Fashion. At Huobi, Sim is responsible for digital marketing and serves as public relations director.

What Makes Huobi Token (HT) Unique?

The Huobi Token has two main functions. First, the Huobi exchange uses HT for its loyalty program that rewards members with a range of discounts. The company has also decided to use HT tokens to confer voting rights on users of the Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX).

To fulfil these functions, Huobi has attempted to keep HT’s value reasonably stable. To curb inflation, the company allocates 20% of profits for a token buyback program.

HT token holders have several advantages thanks to the token’s circulation, which include:

Reduced transaction fees. The Huobi exchange offers a series of discounts for clients with VIP status. With this option, investors and traders can save a decent amount of funds on commissions.

Convenient means of exchange. The platform does its best to make it easy and convenient to exchange Huobi Token and supports the asset as part of trading pairs with numerous popular cryptocurrencies.

Promotion of new tokens. HT holders receive coins with each listing of new crypto assets and also can also receive a wallet bonus.

Investor Protection Program. The tokens bought out by the exchange are sent to an investor protection fund, whose purpose is to compensate for any financial losses.

Participation in decision making. HT token holders can vote and thereby influence the development of the Huobi exchange and its wider ecosystem.

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How Many Huobi Token (HT) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The launch of Huobi Token took place at the beginning of 2018 and did not proceed according to the standard ICO scheme. To begin with, Huobi distributed HT tokens directly to VIP users and regular traders could buy a package of services with a certain amount of tokens. As distinct from an ICO, this method of distributing coins is called an initial exchange offering (IEO).

Huobi Token has a limited total supply of 500 million. After its launch, 60% (300 million coins) were allocated among the users of the exchange and the company kept aside 40% (200 million coins) in reserve.

The decision to create its own token led to an increase in the exchange’s capitalization. The token also helped to encourage users to remain loyal to the platform by offering them exclusive advantages through its various functions.

How Is the Huobi Token Network Secured?

The Huobi ecosystem uses a distributed architecture and anti-DDoS protection system to bolster security. In addition, 98% of the currency is stored in a multisig cold wallet. The exchange also uses a risk control system dubbed “Don’t Be Evil” to ensure the safety of users’ accounts and assets.

Since 2018, the platform has used an asset protection system called the Security Reservation Mechanism. In parallel, Huobi also launched its Investor Protection Fund in January of that year. Thanks to these measures, HT holders are insured against financial losses that may arise as a result of fraudulent activities or other risks associated with cryptocurrency trading.

Where Can You Buy Huobi Token (HT)?

The easiest way to acquire Huobi Token is to purchase it on Huobi Global. The exchange supports a large number of token trading pairs and offers advantageous trading rates. Aside from this option, HT is supported on multiple exchanges, including: Gate.io, FTX, KuCoin, Binance JEX, AscendEX (Bitmax), LBank, ProBit Global, 0x Protocol, Bit Well, XT.COM, Wootrade, CoinEx, ACE, BitMart, Xtheta Global, BitZ, BiKi, BiONE, Bitay, Pionex, Hoo, YunEx, BKEX, ZBG, Bibox, Hotbit, MEXC, BitForex, HitBTC, Finexbox, Switcheo Network, Hotcoin Global, Tokenlon, Dsdaq, Bgogo, Anyswap, NUT MONEY.

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Huobi Token



United States Dollar

HT Thống kê giá

Huobi Token Giá hôm nay
Giá Huobi Token$11.13
Thay đổi giá24h$0.2571
Thấp 24 giờ / Cao 24 giờ
$10.77 /
Khối lượng giao dịch24h$191,954,588.80
Khối lượng / Vốn hóa thị trường0.1027
Ưu thế thị trường0.11%
Thứ hạng trên thị trường#54
Vốn hóa thị trường của Huobi Token
Vốn hóa thị trường$1,869,041,193.90
Vốn hóa thị trường được pha loãng hoàn toàn$5,567,377,862.22
Huobi Token Giá ngày hôm qua
Thấp / Cao của hôm qua
$10.41 /
Mức giá Mở/Đóng cửa của ngày hôm qua
$10.88 /
Biến động của ngày hôm qua


Khối lượng giao dịch của ngày hôm qua$175,113,245.49
Huobi Token Lịch sử giá cả
Thấp 7 ngày / Cao 7 ngày
$9.32 /
Thấp 30 ngày / Cao 30 ngày
$7.50 /
Thấp 90 ngày / Cao 90 ngày
$7.43 /
Thấp 52 tuần / Cao 52 tuần
$3.37 /
Mức giá cao nhất lịch sử
May 12, 2021 (3 months ago)
Mức giá thấp nhất lịch sử
Jan 30, 2019 (3 years ago)
ROI của Huobi Token


Huobi Token Cung cấp
Lượng cung lưu hành167,856,506 HT
Tổng cung500,000,000 HT
Tổng cung tối đa500,000,000 HT