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Power of CMC Data & Magic of ChatGPT

Imagine having the power to get immediate answers to complicated crypto questions. Even with advanced crypto tools, fetching the newest information, pulling data from different platforms, and understanding it all can be quite tough. Now, there’s a much quicker and easier way to get the answers you need. Introducing: The CoinMarketCap ChatGPT Plugin: Your Personal Crypto Analyst Intern! Bringing together the power of CMC data with the magic of ChatGPT.


What Question/Prompts do you want to ask the CMC AI-Intern?

Prompt #1

How correlated are Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2023?

Prompt #2

Does Bitcoin typically perform better on weekdays or weekends?

Prompt #3

What was Bitcoin's performance in the month leading up to the US elections for the past 3 election cycles?

Prompt #4

Analyze bitcoin price performance after every bitcoin halving event till date

Prompt #5

Give me the correlation of prices of 5 tokens in the ERC-20 ecosystem

Prompt #6

How do inflationary vs. deflationary token models affect long-term holder behavior and market liquidity?

Prompt #7

How do variations in token distribution models (ICO/IDO/launchpads, etc) correlate with observed price volatility?

Prompt #8

Analysis the price behavior of the top 5 most popular meme coins

To use the CoinMarketCap plugin, you will need a ChatGPT Plus subscription ($20/month), which will give you access to GPT-4. (1) Head to and select the GPT-4 tab. Click on “Plugins”. (2) In the plugin store, search for “CoinMarketCap”. (3) Install the CoinMarketCap plugin. (4) Go back to the GPT-4 tab and select the CoinMarketCap plugin. (5) You will now see the CMC logo in GPT-4. Your crypto AI-intern is now ready to take on any research tasks!


Reference the following parameters when requesting data from ChatGPT

Cryptocurrency Info

Fetches metadata for specified cryptocurrencies. This can include details like name, description, logo, website links, platform data, supply specifics, and more.

New Listings

Lists recently added cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. Users can paginate the results, convert market quotes using symbols, and sort the results.

New Content

Provides a list of recent news and articles in the cryptocurrency space. Users can customise the results by selecting specific cryptocurrencies, news types, categories, or languages.

Historical Quotes

Fetches historical market quotes for a cryptocurrency based on time intervals. Users can specify the cryptocurrency's symbol, set time ranges, select intervals, and more.

Latest Quotes

Provides the latest market quotes for selected cryptocurrencies. Users can convert these quotes into various currencies.

Exchange Meta Data

Provides metadata for cryptocurrency exchanges on CoinMarketCap. This includes details like name, logo, description, launch date, and related URLs.

Latest Market Pairs

Fetches the latest market pairs for a specific exchange on CoinMarketCap. It provides the latest price and volume information for each market and offers conversion of market values into various fiat and cryptocurrency values.

Historical Global Metrics

Fetches historical global cryptocurrency metrics for set time frames and intervals. Metrics can be converted to various currencies.

Latest Blockchain Statistics

Provides up-to-date statistical data on specific blockchains like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This includes details like block rewards, consensus mechanisms, hashrate, transaction details, and more.

Gainers And Losers

Fetches trending cryptocurrencies based on notable price shifts within set time frames.

Latest Price Performance Stats

Provides price performance statistics for chosen cryptocurrencies. This includes data like launch price ROI and all-time high/low.

Top Content Posts

Retrieves top crypto posts from the CMC Community, which is similar to Twitter but specifically for cryptocurrency.

Latest Trends

Returns a paginated list of all trending cryptocurrency market data, determined and sorted by CoinMarketCap search volume.


Create prompts on ChatGPT with the CoinMarketCap Plugin


What Question/Prompts do you want to ask our Crypto AI Intern?

Prompt to Win ($1K USDT: Prize Pool)

Step 1
On CMC-Community, post the Questions/Prompts you would like to ask the ChatGPT AI-Intern, with the Hashtag #CMCChatGPT
Step 2
On Twitter/X, post the Questions/Prompts you would like to ask the ChatGPT AI-Intern, with the Hashtag #CMCChatGPT
Step 3
Complete participation in this Social-Event by completing the following Social-Tasks (Prompt, Post, Follow, ReTweet, Join, etc)


CMC Plugin questions answered for you

How can I use the CoinMarketCap Plugin with ChatGPT?
To use the CoinMarketCap Plugin with ChatGPT, simply enable it within the ChatGPT interface by selecting the appropriate plugin. Once enabled, you can ask ChatGPT questions about cryptocurrencies, market trends, specific coins, or any other relevant information.
What kind of information can I get from the CoinMarketCap Plugin for ChatGPT?
You can access a wide range of cryptocurrency-related information: current prices of cryptocurrencies, market capitalization, trading volume, price change over different time periods. circulating supply, historical data for cryptocurrencies, information on specific coins and tokens.
Is the data provided by the CoinMarketCap Plugin for ChatGPT accurate and up to date?
Yes, the data provided by the CoinMarketCap Plugin is sourced directly from CoinMarketCap, one of the most reputable cryptocurrency market data providers. It is updated in real-time to ensure accuracy and relevance.
Can I get information on specific cryptocurrencies using this plugin?
Absolutely! You can ask ChatGPT about specific cryptocurrencies by their names or symbols. For example, you can ask, "What is the current price of Bitcoin?" or "Tell me about Ethereum."
How can I analyze historical data for cryptocurrencies using this plugin?
You can request historical data for a specific cryptocurrency by asking questions like, "Show me the historical price chart for Bitcoin over the last month" or "What was the all-time high for Ethereum?"
Can I use the CoinMarketCap Plugin for ChatGPT to track multiple cryptocurrencies at once?
Yes, you can ask ChatGPT to provide information on multiple cryptocurrencies in a single query. For example, you can ask, "Give me the current prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin."
Can I use the CoinMarketCap Plugin for ChatGPT on my mobile device?
Yes, you can use the CoinMarketCap Plugin on most mobile devices through compatible applications or web-based interfaces that support ChatGPT.
Is the CoinMarketCap Plugin for ChatGPT free to use?
If you already have the premium service ChatGPT-4, then yes, the CMC-Plugin will be free to use.


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Introducing CoinMarketCap's ChatGPT Plugin: Your Personal Crypto Analyst Intern
CoinMarketCap launches its very own ChatGPT plugin, bringing together CMC's real-time crypto data with ChatGPT's AI-powered language model.
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