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Skycoin Skycoin (SKY)

0.980581 USD (3.06%)
0.00026849 BTC (2.52%)


Giao Dịch

Crypto-Backed Loan

Vốn Hóa Thị Trường
12,522,810 USD
3,429 BTC
Khối lượng (24 giờ)
941,242 USD
257.72 BTC
Lượng tiền lưu thông
12,770,803 SKY
Tổng cung tiền
25,000,000 SKY
Cung tiền tối đa
100,000,000 SKY
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Skycoin Thị Trường Giao Dịch

# Nguồn Cặp Khối lượng (24 giờ) Giá Khối lượng (%) Phân mục Loại Phí Đã được cập nhật
1 LBank SKY/BTC $479,469 $0.982174 50.94% Spot Percentage Gần đây
2 CHAOEX SKY/BTC $223,084 $0.976432 23.70% Spot Percentage Gần đây
3 Binance SKY/BTC $132,146 $0.980089 14.04% Spot Percentage Gần đây
4 Binance SKY/ETH $26,606 $0.978145 2.83% Spot Percentage Gần đây
5 Iquant SKY/BTC $17,381 $0.980089 1.85% Spot Percentage Gần đây
6 C2CX SKY/BTC $16,659 $0.980089 1.77% Spot Percentage Gần đây
7 Binance SKY/BNB $15,481 $0.973670 1.64% Spot Percentage Gần đây
8 C2CX SKY/PAX $11,612 $0.993401 1.23% Spot Percentage Gần đây
9 C2CX SKY/USDT $9,891 $0.990050 1.05% Spot Percentage Gần đây
10 Iquant SKY/USDT $8,839 $1.00 0.94% Spot Percentage Gần đây
11 Bitrabbit SKY/BTC $68 $0.980089 0.01% Spot Percentage Gần đây
12 Bitbns SKY/INR $6 $1.14 0.00% Spot Percentage Gần đây

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About Skycoin

Skycoin (SKY) is an open-source, community-owned, hardware-based peer-to-peer internet that leverages the incentive structure of the blockchain.

Skycoin’s platform has been billed as 'completely secure, infinitely scalable, and ISP independent' by the project team. Written in Golang and running on the Obelisk consensus algorithm, Skycoin is focused on security, usability, and ease of use. Obelisk is predicated on the notion of ‘web of trust dynamics’, which makes consensus decisions depending upon the influence score of each node. Each node subscribes to a select number of other network nodes, and the density of a node’s network of subscribers determines its influence on the network.

Skywire, the flagship application of Skycoin, aims to decentralize the internet at the hardware level. Skywire's objectives extend beyond providing decentralized bandwidth - it also aims to offer storage and computation.

Skycoin Price 0.980581 USD
Market Rank #202
Vốn Hóa Thị Trường 12,522,810 USD
24h Volume 941,242 USD
Lượng tiền lưu thông 12,770,803 SKY
Tổng cung tiền 25,000,000 SKY
Cung tiền tối đa 100,000,000 SKY
Yesterday's Open / Close $0.966234 USD / $0.949907 USD
Yesterday's High / Low $0.974568 USD / $0.942858 USD
Yesterday's Change -0.016 USD (-1.69%)
Yesterday's Volume $567,645 USD