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Giá Hedget (HGET)


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24 giờ
HGET  Hedget HGETPrice: $8.84 1.27%
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Vốn hóa thị trường được pha loãng hoàn toàn
Khối lượng
24 giờ
Khối lượng / Vốn hóa thị trường
Lượng cung lưu hành
1,751,448.00 HGET
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HGET Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

Giá Hedget hôm nay$8.84 USD với khối lượng giao dịch trong 24 giờ là $453,647 USD. Hedget tăng 1.27 trong 24 giờ qua. Thứ hạng hiện tại trên CoinMarketCap là #909, với vốn hóa thị trường là $15,474,681 USD. Lượng cung lưu hành là 1,751,448 HGET đồng coin và lượng cung tối đa là 10,000,000 HGET đồng coin.

Các sàn giao dịch hàng đầu để giao dịch Hedget hiện nay là FTX, Bitribe, Uniswap (V2), Bilaxy, . Bạn có thể tìm thấy các sàn giao dịch khác trên của chúng tôi.

What Is Hedget (HGET)?

Launched in September 2020, Hedget is a decentralized and non-custodial cryptocurrency options protocol. Hedget has a long list of strategic investors and partners including Chromia, FTX/Alameda Research, Orion Protocol, NGC Ventures and FBG Capital.

The Hedget team believes that the development of global decentralized options markets are the logical next step for DeFi platforms and lenders. With the ability to hedge against volatility in both directions, these platforms (as well as casual users) will be able to insure themselves against liquidation and insolvency. In addition, Hedget options can also be used as a straightforward trading tool to profit from price movement in the market.

The team has placed priority on leveraging the capabilities of several different blockchains. Hedget has an implementation developed for Binance Smart Chain, as well as a separate implementation on Ethereum. In addition, Chromia is being incorporated as a Layer 2 enhancement for the Ethereum platform.

The long-term vision of the Hedget foundation is to provide development and stewardship of the platform over the next several years, eventually establishing a DAO which will govern the rules and mechanics of the platform.

The Hedget Token (HGET) is the native utility and governance token of the Hedget platform. It is issued on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 contract and will have representation on a Chromia sidechain as well as Binance Smart Chain.

HGET serves as the governance token of the Hedget platform. The token holders can vote (directly on the blockchain or via UI https://hedget.com/proposals/) on adding new assets, default options parameters and UI improvements.

There is a Testnet platform https://hedget.com/demo/ (hosted on Chromia testnet) that users must stake HGET tokens to access. On the demo site, users will trade with testnet tokens with no real value, but the best performing traders will be rewarded automatically by Hedget protocol with real HGET tokens upon mainnet release on the Chromia blockchain in Q1 2021.

The HGET token will fulfill several functions on the platform. HGET tokens will need to be staked to interact with the platform, and all trading commissions on Hedget are taken in HGET tokens. HGET is also used to prevent spamming of orders which can lead to API overloads and order book manipulation. Staking requirements will increase as the monetary value and frequency of a user's interactions increase.

In the future, the HGET token will also be used as a security measure and reputation engine when margined options are implemented. Options writers who wish to offer options without providing 1:1 collateral will need to stake HGET tokens which will be used to purchase fully collateralized options as a hedge in case of Capital insufficiency risk. This mechanism ensures end users cannot be adversely affected by the insolvency of an options writer.

As the platform is further developed, a DAO will be established and HGET tokens will be used to determine transaction fees, reserve requirements, and general functions and features of the platform.

Hedget Protocol Fee Structure:

  • Taker fee 0.04% of underlying
  • Maker fee 0.02% of underlying
  • The 0.02% difference between Taker and Maker fees will go to special Reserve which will be locked until a DAO is established, at which time the DAO will govern the use of the funds
  • A settlement fee of 0.02% + ETH fees (if settled on Ethereum) will be paid by option buyer
  • In the first 3-4 years this 0.02% settlement fee will be paid by the system from the liquidity mining pool, thus rewarding option writers, and reducing total fees for the option buyer

HGET Token Circulation:

The protocol has a fixed maximum token supply of 10,000,000 HGET

1,717,170 tokens were created during the TGE and were distributed between private and public sale buyers as well as the team in accordance with the Whitepaper.

88,888 ERC20 HGET were burned on the Ethereum Mainnet and will be issues on Binance Smart Chain in January 2021

The remaining tokens will be issued over time as outlined in the Whitepaper. The majority of these will be distributed via a Liquidity Mining Program that rewards both market makers and users of the Hedget protocol.






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HGET Thống kê giá

Hedget Giá hôm nay
Giá Hedget$8.84
Thay đổi giá24h$0.111
Thấp 24 giờ / Cao 24 giờ
$8.70 /
Khối lượng giao dịch24h$453,646.61
Khối lượng / Vốn hóa thị trường0.02932
Ưu thế thị trường0.00%
Thứ hạng trên thị trường#909
Vốn hóa thị trường của Hedget
Vốn hóa thị trường$15,474,681.16
Vốn hóa thị trường được pha loãng hoàn toàn$88,353,643.19
Hedget Giá ngày hôm qua
Thấp / Cao của hôm qua
$8.51 /
Mức giá Mở/Đóng cửa của ngày hôm qua
$8.60 /
Biến động của ngày hôm qua


Khối lượng giao dịch của ngày hôm qua$495,622.85
Hedget Lịch sử giá cả
Thấp 7 ngày / Cao 7 ngày
$7.87 /
Thấp 30 ngày / Cao 30 ngày
$7.32 /
Thấp 90 ngày / Cao 90 ngày
$5.16 /
Thấp 52 tuần / Cao 52 tuần
$1.41 /
Mức giá cao nhất lịch sử
Sep 15, 2020 (8 months ago)
Mức giá thấp nhất lịch sử
Nov 06, 2020 (6 months ago)
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Hedget Cung cấp
Lượng cung lưu hành1,751,448 HGET
Tổng cung1,751,448 HGET
Tổng cung tối đa10,000,000 HGET