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Fusion Fusion (FSN)

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Giao Dịch

Crypto-Backed Loan

Vốn Hóa Thị Trường
12,528,026 USD
3,443 BTC
101,170 ETH
Khối lượng (24 giờ)
220,510 USD
60.60 BTC
1,781 ETH
Lượng tiền lưu thông
29,852,345 FSN
Tổng cung tiền
57,344,000 FSN
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Fusion Thị Trường Giao Dịch

# Nguồn Cặp Khối lượng (24 giờ) Giá Khối lượng (%) Phân mục Loại Phí Đã được cập nhật
1 Bibox FSN/ETH $80,542 $0.422956 36.53% Spot Percentage Gần đây
2 Bibox FSN/BTC $79,586 $0.423408 36.09% Spot Percentage Gần đây
3 Hotbit FSN/ETH $30,783 $0.414292 13.96% Spot Percentage Gần đây
4 Hotbit FSN/BTC $25,838 $0.404717 11.72% Spot Percentage Gần đây
5 Bibox FSN/USDT $3,408 $0.424210 1.55% Spot Percentage Gần đây
6 Ethfinex FSN/ETH $191 $0.408645 0.09% Spot Percentage Gần đây
7 Liquid FSN/BTC $115 $0.195304 0.05% Spot Percentage Gần đây
8 IDEX FSN/ETH $25 $0.493804 0.01% Spot Percentage Gần đây
9 Ethfinex FSN/BTC $13 $0.398427 0.01% Spot Percentage Gần đây
10 Ethfinex FSN/USD $9 $0.401760 0.00% Spot Percentage Gần đây
11 Liquid FSN/ETH $0 $0.371496 0.00% Spot Percentage Gần đây

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About Fusion

Fusion (FSN) bills itself as an all-inclusive blockchain-based financial platform that offers cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-data source services through smart contracts. The project uses the Hierarchical Hybrid Consensus Mechanism (HHCM), which amalgamates elements from PoW, PoS, and parallel computing with the goal of creating an efficient and safe platform.

Notably, Fusion leverages what it dubs 'Distributed Control Right Management' as a security layer that protects cryptoassets on the Fusion blockchain. The distributed storage and sharding of a private key ensures means that no single node can gain control of assets.

Fusion also provides for multiple triggering modes, such as time and event-based triggers, into its smart contracts, which were designed to meet the demands of complex financial smart contracts.

Fusion is led by Dejun Qian, who also founded BitSE, a blockchain incubator that facilitated the rise of VeChain and QTUM.

Fusion Price 0.419666 USD
Market Rank #197
Vốn Hóa Thị Trường 12,528,026 USD
24h Volume 220,510 USD
Lượng tiền lưu thông 29,852,345 FSN
Tổng cung tiền 57,344,000 FSN
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