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CAP9 Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

A capability-based security protocol and framework for Ewasm/EVM smart contracts. Web3 Foundation Grants — Wave Two Recipients.

Cap9 is a minimal open-source exokernel2 protocol that serves as a building block for establishing secure and scalable organizations. Cap9 enables organizations that will grow in complexity and will require long term extensibility. Using Cap9, users can establish an organization on the blockchain with a much higher level of confidence in its stability and security. The safety model Cap9 provides not only reduces risk, but allows organizations to be designed in a much more flexible and robust manner. The exokernel model of Cap9 allows organizations to freely define their own systems and procedures, but within a safe and controlled environment. The Cap9 kernel provides the building blocks and primitives that organizations need to build more nuanced security and governance models to suit their use case. Most critically, by using the primitives Cap9 provides, designers of these systems will then be able to demonstrate these security guarantees to others without requiring manual-code verification.