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APXP Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

APEX Protocol is a cultural contents platform featuring the concerts of various cultural and arts contents such as idol, actor, musical, and play that more fans can enjoy and support. APEX Platform replaces the major entertainment company-centered conventional media and provides online community service for communicating with fandoms. At APEX Platform, fandoms can directly support and invest on their favorite artists with APXP tokens.

APEX Protocol uses the blockchain network to distribute profit fairly and transparently. The blockchain based smart contract states contents-related information and supporter’s information. The blockchain technology solves the unclear and uncertain profit distribution to the artists in the existing entertainment market and it also establishes the base for developing into a fan-based global celebrity accelerating platform.

APLEX Protocol will also convert the assets such as track and characters into NFT to suggest the new paradigm for trading assets and utilizing in the field.