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Bit2Me is Spain's largest and most prominent digital assets company that has been fully compliant since 2015, being the first crypto firm in the world granted crypto brokerage & custody registration from the Bank of Spain. The company and its founders hold a longstanding and healthy relationship with the Spanish Government, IBEX35 institutions, CNMV, and Bank of Spain as the country’s only prominent crypto firm domiciled in Spain since inception.

With Bit2me Pro (the exchange), you can deposit funds with instant SEPA bank transfer, VISA/Mastercard card, cryptocurrencies and cash. You have phone support in multiple languages like: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, German.

Bit2me’s clean regulatory record since 2015 and the fact that they are domiciled in the EU have positioned the company well for large institutions to integrate their brokerage and custody infrastructure and further increase revenue in their education products and institutional clients.

Our competitors also offer a full crypto digital suite. However, none of them focus on our niche demographic wherein we provide customer care, telephone support, and customer success account managers for small accounts in native Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Our main focus has always been Southern Europe and Latin America. In fact, half of our 3 million alumni in our Bit2Me Academy this year are from LATAM, and 80% of our 450K verfified users are residents of iberia peninsula and Italy.

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