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100,000,000 REACH
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100,000,000 REACH
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100,000,000 REACH
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24 giờ 
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Feb 19, 2024 (2 months ago)
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Feb 07, 2024 (2 months ago)
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Thông tin về /Reach

/Reach is a simplified, automated, permissionless protocol for quality engagement rewarding, enabling anyone to amplify their key pieces of content/communications by leveraging the /Reach audience.

/Reach has identified multiple pain points:

1.Attention and reach is the greatest challenge for brands, community builders, artists, and projects to crack.

  1. Social Media (X, Meta) algorithms are broken and do not serve its users anymore.

  2. The “pay influencers” model is broken too - pseudo/low-value engagement doesn't help bring true visibility to comms that need to be promoted –with unfair and opaque pricing structures.

  3. In an effort to maintain integrity in their profiles, even a brand’s greatest champions are reluctant to show support from the ease of being able to do so, to even being aware of which pieces of content would be most impactful for them to share.

The /Reach protocol allows for its users to create “missions” of their key pieces of communications (starting with Tweets, adding the Meta and TikTok platforms). Missions have ETH appended to them as a reward for those that contribute to them (by liking, commenting, or retweeting the piece of content in the mission). 100% of mission rewards are distributed back to /Reach users.

Missions can be created via the /Reach web app (, or via the /Reach Discord UI via a bot.

The /Reach bot can also be deployed to third party servers, enabling them to create missions for their own members, and scaling the /Reach Audience.

Missions can also be distributed to the third party servers for an additional distribution fee (/Reach’s main revenue stream).

/Reach protocol also uses AI and ML to quantify the quality of its users profiles accross social media platforms, as well as the quality of their engagements (comments assessed and quantified based on effort, value-add, and relevancy). This ensures all participation in the protocol is of highest value.