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How we’re changing eCommerce?

-- World’s first decentralized ecommerce platform focused on hyperlocal last-mile delivery and supply logistics. --Decentralized multi-channel delivery to compete with Amazon and Walmart’s reach while offering an enhanced solution compared to Uber or Grubhub --Built-in BUY tokens with incentives for stores and users that make payments cheaper --Delivery network to match local delivery at the last mile with Uber-like capabilities for anyone to deliver goods. --Businesses and consumers gain seamless access to real-time delivery data for tracking purposes. --Our platform introduces a digital ledger based solution that serves as a fraud-proof mechanism which auto-verifies transactions for a tamper-proof and secure audit trail. --Integrated back-office e-commerce technology that is comparable to --Peer-to-peer pick up and drop service which has guaranteed delivery with tracking and 24/7 monitoring by reps seven days a week. --Finds the cheapest available delivery mode on every transaction. --The range of the distribution network at the local level is more robust than any existing solution.

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