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323,062,651 MBX
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24 giờ 
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Mar 28, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Oct 19, 2023 (2 months ago)
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2296th / 8.9K
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We would like to describe MARBLEX in the perspective of technology applied to the MBX token. The MBX token is a Klaytn Compatible Token (“KCT”) based on Klaytn blockchain. The Klaytn technology is designed to provide high performance extensively and thus features high transaction processing. At the same time, KCT is based on the Istanbul BFT consensus algorithm and is a mainnet that assures reliability and transparency. Based on the strength of KCT, MBX can also process the high transaction of game content quickly and provide reliability to users under transparent operation/management.

On the other hand, in terms of usage, the MBX token is used within the MARBLEX ecosystem where users encounter key ecosystem creators mostly around game tokens and MBX tokens. Key parties are publishers, game developers, and service providers. With the introduction of the MARBLEx token system, to the existing gaming business ecosystem, the role of a service provider was added. Within the game token structure enabled by the service provider, users can experience not only quality content provided by publishers and developers but the token economy based thereon. While playing games, users will have opportunities for profit-generating activities.

For more information, you can find as follows:

Netmarble, mother company of MARBLEx, has been leading the global game market with innovative attempts since its establishment in 2000. It is a global game publisher that has produced a number of box office hits such as “Cross Worlds,” “Seven Knights,” “The Seven Deadly Sins,” etc. At the 5th Netmarble Together with Press (NTP) held on January 27, they raised expectations by unveiling new business strategies under the theme of blockchain and metabus, including a total of 20 major lineups. As a game publisher of MBX, Netmarble continues to provide high-quality game content to the MBX ecosystem, aiming for an ecosystem where users can experience the original fun of the game and expect reasonable rewards. MBX is the key currency of the Netmarble blockchain ecosystem and is based on the Klaytn mainnet. In the MBX ecosystem where all games are connected, free token exchange and swap are possible, and it will be linked with various games to create a new blockchain game ecosystem through MBX Wallet.

In addition, the MBX ecosystem plans to connect with games of various genres and expand to NFT and metaverse in the future. In Netmarble’s own MBX-based blockchain ecosystem, MBX will play a key role in focusing on “fun,” the essence of the game, and providing user participation and rational rewards.