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Chickey Chik is a play-to-earn game currently under development made by Gamepay. Chickey Chik is a multi-language NFT and DeFi·based game that enables anybody to play and make money by participating in many different game modes and competitions. Chickey Chik's community can acquire, breed, and build an empire filled with rare Chickey Chiks.

Gamepay is a one-stop NFT platform built on Blockchain technology. The platform will allow anyone to create, trade, play and earn NFTs and gaming-related assets. Global brands wanting to enter this new world can utilize Gamepay’s platform to enter this eco-system with limited risk, where they will be able to trade their art, and assets, and build their own metaverse economy. NFT Marketplace with Crypto Wallets and Credit Card payments options. Infrastructure for gamers and an open platform for artists and designers.