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AUMI Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

AutoMatic is a yield aggregator on the Polygon Chain. It uses an auto-compounding function to increase returns on yield farms. Once set, the protocol runs itself, without the need for further attention from the investor.

AutoMatic Pools reward investors for their commitment to an investment. By autocompounding rewards back into the liquidity pair or single stake initially invested, rewards grow exponentially. This type of growth is extremely powerful as time passes, allowing for returns far in excess of what can be gained by simply using the simple APY of a standard yield farming pool.

The AUMI token is the core of the AutoMatic ecosystem. The token can either be purchased and staked, or earned as a reward from various pools. For every 10 Matic earned through performance fees, 50 AUMI will be minted. AUMI buys and sells are subject to an adjustable tax of 0-10% on trading that will be converted to WMATIC, which will fund the rewards for The Vault.

AUMI token holders will control the decision making and will receive most of the farm performance fee profits. Governance weight is determined by the amount of AUMI you have in the The Vault. The more AUMI you have in the Vault, the more influence you will have in the ecosystem and the future direction of the project.