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SAFEMOONA Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

SafeMoon-AVAX aims to legitimize the Avalanche Blockchain by launching the first safe project with an experienced team backed by notable influencers. With Avalanche’s launch of their C-Chain, more and more crypto investors are migrating over to take advantage of the next big thing. As a result, SafeMoon-AVAX is developing a premier launchpad so new projects can be fully vetted and launched while keeping investors' funds safe. The smart contract has been coded so that each transaction is taxed as follows: 2% is redistributed to holders in $SafeMoonA – the native token of SafeMoon-AVAX, 6% is added to liquidity for an ever-rising price floor and price stability, 4% is distributed to the marketing wallet for continuous growth. Through their deep connections in the crypto space, SafeMoon-AVAX will build a strong community with a strong push in marketing to bring exposure to the Avalanche Blockchain. This project was stealth launched on the Avalanche Blockchain on August 25, 2021, with a core team of five and a small telegram community of less than 10 members. Through continuous exposure and dedication to the project, the telegram community has grown exponentially to over 2000 members and counting. The team will continue to deliver by focusing on development of the launchpad, continuous website updates, video marketing, community growth, and well-timed execution. The SafeMoon-AVAX team plans to deliver more decentralized applications on the Avalanche Blockchain to further legitimize projects and the crypto space.