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NODEC Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

Node Compiler AVAX (Nodec), was developed to create powerful utility that can harness the power of multiple passive incomes, into one singular token.

With recent market conditions, the popularity of people searching for a passive and steady income through node projects has become rampant and their popularity has exploded exponentially. Due to this sudden rise in demand the market has become over saturated with these new projects, and in order to maximise profits, users are forced to buy into multiple projects.

This creates many problems for those users involved ; Firstly, it takes a lot of time to interact with all of the projects. Having to go to each individual DApp, and claim each reward individually. Some projects only offer the ability to claim every twenty-four hours, and with more rewards not being earnt until the previous are claimed causing suboptimal gains.

Secondly, security. There are also multiple security risks connected to holding nodes across multiple projects. Malicious projects can be made with the sole intention of accessing your funds and compromising your account. Our security audits ensure we only use safe nodes with trusted teams, minimising the risk of investment into malicious project. Connection to multiple nodes also increases the risk of phishing attacks. When attempting to connect to these DApps it is not unheard of that users can accidentally visit the wrong site, or be sent a phishing link. This is even more common when the user is noding on multiple DApps, and attention is lost.

Thirdly, Gas fees. Every single time a user wishes to create a node or access their funds, a gas fee must be paid. Although this may not seem a lot at first, when invested in even just a few nodes, accessing the rewards daily soon stacks up and gas fees start to become cumbersome.

$NODEC aims to fix this. Think of us like a central node, that will allow you to reap the rewards of noding, without the hassle or security risk.