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LVT Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

Louverture Finance, the premier compounding protocol on the Avalanche blockchain that rewards its users for holding NFTs daily, has launched a major update to its DeFi protocol titled: Rise. Louverture 2.0 introduces multi-tiered proprietary gamification of ERC-721 standard NFTs.

Louverture 2.0 is the first ever 'node' protocol to include eligibility through accumulation of compound count. It is also the first protocol built to perform true RNG on the Avalanche Network. Our goal is to provide a sustainable, engaging and transparent DeFi protocol that generates high-yield perpetual rewards to our community of investors - and with no barrier to entry. To take part is simple: own one of the NFTs in our ecosystem (Element, Orb, or Black Hole) and receive perpetual passive income that can range from 180% APR to 522% APR.