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CREAMA Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

What is Creama?

Creama is a digital cryptoasset developed to be the economic side of platform and to be used on integrating digital artworks into metaverse worlds. Creama developed to be a deflationary asset with %0.4 burn on every on-chain transaction. There's also a %0.6 tax on every transaction used to refill creama's liquidity staking farms.

Being the economic/financial part of creativity project, Creama has the following features:-

1- Sharing marketplace fees :- %60 of the marketplace fees added to the liquidity pool monthly (users can check current fees by visiting the marketplace contract address). 2- Secondary Currency :- Creama will be added as a secondary currency on the marketplace. This upgrade is supposed to be applied on the current beta version. It's already being tested! 3- Gallery listing application :- Holding creama is a requirement for virtual gallery listing applications (if they didn't get picked directly by editors).

When Creama Launched

Creama launched on Oct-14-2022 01:31:30 PM +UTC. Initial Liquidity and Trading started on Nov-01-2022 10:52:00 AM +UTC. platform beta release was on Nov-01-2022 How many Creama tokens are there in circulation?

Creama launched with a maximum supply of 1 million creama tokens. With a burn rate of %0.4 creama supply always decreasing (deflationary).

What are reserves and how does it work?

Creama launched without pre-sale or ico. We added %80 of the total supply to traderjoexyz liquidity pool and the remaining %20 divided between creama's reserves addresses/wallets. Users can access the supply tracking page anytime to check every detail about each transaction made from those addresses ( We use creama's DAO portal ( to vote for every reserve spending.

What is Creativity.Market platform? is an open marketplace for anyone to list digital artworks and turn them into long-term tradable assets with a percentage royalty of every secondary sale. While allowing anyone to submit any digital asset (NFTs), our moderating team and editors always work on keeping the marketplace creative and related. We aim to provide a smooth, decentralized and user friendly digital art trading experience for our users.

The goal of combined between:-

1- Open marketplace "" for every artist/creator/musician/videomaker... to submit his artwork "digital asset" and turn it into a long-term tradable asset"NFT" with royalties and more. 2- Quality digital art house/gallery "" where we only choose top, creative and original artworks to highlight and spend marketing reserves on "after DAO approval". That's including showcasing/integrating those artworks inside our upcoming virtual gallery inside metaverse worlds.

Creama's Metaverse Vision

We are currently building to be our gate to the metaverse. We aim to integrate the gallery inside different metaverse worlds to allow users discovering, trading, exchanging and attending collaborative artworks auctions inside their favorite metaverse worlds. We already have reserved funds to power our metaverse

Who are the founders/developers of started with two founders, John & Ulla. Working with 5+ more team members to provide better solutions for’s users. We aim to build a virtual gallery where people can discover, trade and use creative digital artworks. Currently we're building on web 2.0 and web 3.0 with a vision to explore available metaverse opportunities to expand our user's experience to a whole new level.