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Basis DollarBSD

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BSD Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

Basis Dollar is an open-source, permissionless algorithmic stablecoin.

The Basis Dollar protocol aims to revive the original vision of BasisDollar.Fi, initially released as a lightweight implementation on the Ethereum blockchain.

Adding ideas and innovations made since the original Basis project shut down, the Basis Dollar team has made modifications to the original mechanism outlined with its whitepaper. Read on for further details.

We make several improvements over Basis Cash:

Price feed oracle based on the average of 2 liquidity pool pairs (i.e. BSD/USDC and BSD/DAI) which is more difficult to manipulate. The protocol uses TWAP, not EMA, for the price. Time-weighted is more accurate and less subject to attack vectors. The epoch duration for expansion (minting new supply) is reduced to 12 hours. The protocol caps the newly minted BSD in the case of expansion to a maximum of 15% of the total supply during each epoch. The debt issued is capped at 30% supply (maximum Basis Dollar Bonds generated for each contraction). The Basis Dollar Bonds have no expiry date.

The protocol keeps a minimum of 35% of the expanded supply for seigniorage shares for each expansion, which is an improvement over Basis Dollar which keeps all the new supply for Bond redemption if the balance is less than 1000 BSD. In addition, we propose a longer and fairer distribution schedule, as outlined in the Launch Strategy section.