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zUSD Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

Zerogoki, a transliteration of “零号機” in Japanese, stands for the experimental model Unit-00, and its token REI is the pronunciation of the word ‘zero’ (れい)” in Japanese. Thus, it’s a metaphor for a prototype.

Zerogoki is a leveraged token minting platform deployed on Ethereum and based on an algorithmic pegging mechanism, which can provide users with leverage tools for traditional assets such as foreign exchange, gold, and bonds. Users can use the platform token REI to cast leverage tokens or use the protocol’s synthetic dollar-zUSD to buy leverage assets directly.

A pilot experimental protocol from Duet Protocol, Zerogoki only has the Lite-minting module of Duet Protocol. That is, the synthetic assets are generated only by destroying the protocol asset-REI, and the volatile leverage tokens are chosen as the listed assets to increase the system test pressure. At the same time, the slower Ethernet main net with high cost is used to test if Duet can run smoothly in a harsh environment.