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Cryptonex Cryptonex

$169,953,369 USD
20,974 BTC

Thông tin về Cryptonex

Founded in 2017 and registered in the UK, Cryptonex comprises a cryptocurrency exchange, p2p platform, multi-currency wallet, card and invoice services. Cryptonex's mission is to provide easy entrance into crypto world with a full range of services necessary for crypto market to popularize it. Cryptonex develops and implements technologies with its own team of programmers. The core of the team comes from IFG software company, which specializes in software development for financial markets.

Cryptocurrency is stored in the cold wallets offline. Hot wallets contain only a small part of cryptocurrency funds in the amount of average daily withdrawal volume which is stored online. It is possible to exchange cryptocurrency for EUR, USD, GBP, BRL, and RUB fiat pairs. It is possible to make a deposit via Bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard and other payment systems. When working with Fiat KYC is mandatory on the side of partners. The exchange fee is 0.1%. VIP conditions are provided with 0.01% fee.

Cryptonex technologies can be used via the website or mobile application which is available in the App Store and Google Play. Cryptonex provides its technologies to other market participants, providing configuration and maintenance of the developed software.

Các Thị Trường Đang Hoạt Động

# Tiền Tệ Cặp Khối lượng (24 giờ) Giá Khối lượng (%) Phân mục Loại Phí Đã được cập nhật
1 Ethereum ETH/BTC $61,540,686 $171.50 36.21% Spot Percentage Gần đây
2 Bitcoin BTC/USD $44,563,691 $8059.86 26.22% Spot Percentage Gần đây
3 Bitcoin BTC/EUR $31,383,790 $8032.89 18.47% Spot Percentage Gần đây
4 Bitcoin BTC/GBP $7,137,381 $8027.41 4.20% Spot Percentage Gần đây
5 Bitcoin BTC/RUB $6,657,955 $8041.07 3.92% Spot Percentage Gần đây
6 Ethereum ETH/USD $5,293,810 $171.34 3.11% Spot Percentage Gần đây
7 Ethereum ETH/EUR $3,539,140 $171.31 2.08% Spot Percentage Gần đây
8 Bitcoin BTC/BRL $2,479,572 $8032.51 1.46% Spot Percentage Gần đây
9 Ethereum ETH/RUB $2,006,214 $170.87 1.18% Spot Percentage Gần đây
10 Ethereum ETH/GBP $1,498,511 $171.17 0.88% Spot Percentage Gần đây
11 Cryptonex CNX/BTC $973,265 $0.300753 0.57% Spot Percentage Gần đây
12 Cryptonex CNX/ETH $858,461 $0.312359 0.51% Spot Percentage Gần đây
13 Cryptonex CNX/USD $579,137 $0.290000 0.34% Spot Percentage Gần đây
14 Ethereum ETH/BRL $550,960 $171.23 0.32% Spot Percentage Gần đây
15 Cryptonex CNX/EUR $412,971 $0.289334 0.24% Spot Percentage Gần đây
16 Cryptonex CNX/RUB $261,088 $0.294414 0.15% Spot Percentage Gần đây
17 Cryptonex CNX/GBP $174,593 $0.283586 0.10% Spot Percentage Gần đây
18 Cryptonex CNX/BRL $109,245 $0.294118 0.06% Spot Percentage Gần đây

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