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What Is Royal BNB (RB)?

Royal BNB (RB) is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain that utilizes an auto-rewards system called Royal Thrust that is programmed to automatically buy dips when they cross a threshold mark, giving holders of the token peak rewards at the fastest speed possible. \ \ The first token to offer such benefits with its unique built-in algorithm, RB claims to be the only token on Binance Smart Chain with an ROI peaking at 15% — rewards are also automatically claimed every 30 minutes, saving users any hassle.

RB is currently gearing towards phase three of its roadmap, having successfully launched on PancakeSwap, listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, and to date, tripling its goal of having two thousand members in its Telegram group. Its phase two goal is to reach three tranches of market capitalization: $25 million, $50 million and $100 million. As of September 2021, RB market cap is $367,825.

Who Are the Founders of Royal BNB (RB)?

The developers of this project are currently anonymous, which is not uncommon for projects like this in the crypto space. According to their website’s FAQ, this is to “protect themselves”. However, they plan to dox when Royal BNB hits a market cap of $100 million. They also held a brief voice ask me anything (AMA) prior to their project launch to answer concerns.

What Makes Royal BNB (RB) Unique?

Royal BNB is unique for its Royal Thrust algorithm that, true to its name, helps owners of the coin get the most boosted returns. This is done by collecting data points of each dip and then automatically buying tokens when a threshold point has been reached.

The unique feature of the RB protocol automatically claims rewards for coin owners every half an hour. This removes the hassle of manually transferring BNB to secure wallets. Based on the number of confirmed referrals (sign-ups) and confirmed RB buys from other users, the rewards can also be increased for RB holders. Additionally, the 30-minute intervals of receiving BNB rewards ensures your wallet is never empty of gas fees.

There is also an automatic liquidity pool feature – a percentage of all buy and sell orders contributes to providing further liquidity on PancakeSwap V2. This allows traders to swap RB tokens easily, making it beneficial for long term RB holders.

In terms of liquidity, 80% will be auto-locked for a year via DxSale. Since there are no dev or team tokens, your money is safe.

Finally, RB is unique because of its constant high ROI of 15%, which they claim to be the highest on Binance Smart Chain.

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How Many Royal BNB (RB) Coins are There in Circulation?

A total of 11.5 trillion RB tokens are available, with 4.6 trillion tokens for presale as of 2021, with each token valued at around $0.0000000318 as of end August, after reaching a peak of $0.0000001023 in mid August.

RB has a tax rate of 20% on all orders, of which 15% goes to the BNB rewards pool, 3% to the liquidity pool and 2% to the Royal Thrust algorithm. The tax rate changes based on market capital and exchange values on the platforms the token is listed on, due to unique automated market maker (AMM) variables present in the Royal Thrust mechanism that is linked to the BNB rewards.

How Is the Royal BNB (RB) Network Secured?

Royal BNB (RB) is secured by BSC's proof of stake consensus protocol. The Binance Smart Chain specifically deploys a proof of stake authority consensus mechanism that requires network validators to stake BNB. Therefore, if they propose a valid block, they receive an incentive in the form of transaction fees. Royal BNB’s smart contract security audit was conducted by Soken – a provider of blockchain security solutions around the world.

Can Royal BNB (RB) Coin Hit $0.01?

RB token hit an all-time high of $0.00000012 days after launching in August 2021. However, the price has been on a downward trend since. To reach $0.01 would imply an over 83,000X price increase from the all-time high. While this is not entirely extraordinary in the crypto space, it would greatly depend on the project team reaching its objectives and the community backing it.

Where Can You Buy Royal BNB (RB)?

Royal BNB is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges. \

Among them: PancakeSwap, CoinGecko and Binance Smart Chain.

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