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LKSCOIN was created to have a significant impact on the Internet as it offers the possibility to track and remunerate, through payments and donations, content creators within social networks, which are the present and the future of the Internet itself. Compared to fiat currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, etc.) LKSCOIN allows you to:

Bypassing all the problems related to obtaining the various licenses, such as the one called e-money necessary to host a deposit account for third parties within its platform;

Reduce transaction fees related to the use of cards and other suppliers (Paypal, Stripe, etc.) which make microtransactions uneconomic, increasing costs even by 100%;

Make timely payments without having to collect them upon reaching a pre-established threshold or period;

Keep transactions public by ensuring transparency and unalterability of data thanks to the blockchain.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies LKSCOIN allows you to:

Minimize the transaction fees linked to the use of the main cryptocurrencies (tending to 1%) which today make it impossible to carry out micro-payments in the order of EUR cents;

Completely eliminate the costs and risks of creating a private blockchain, as well as all further problems related to the creation of a proprietary token both in tax and legal terms.