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The C-Arcade token serves both as entry ticket as well as reward system for the Crypto Arcade we are building. It will be the beating heart of our project, linking all our arcade games together. Our first game is fully developed and will launch it’s play-to-earn version in coming hours and the second will leave alpha and enter beta stage within days. Our aim is to create at least 7-8 more games in our arcade where people can have fun and earn at the same time. By holding C-Arcade tokens people can get access to our Arcade. Each game, just as it would with a real arcade, will need tokens to operate. These tokens also serve as a reward system and can be traded for C-Arcade tokens. A bot keeps in check the live price of C-Arcade vs the in-game token, so players get their correct rewards

The coin, C-Arcade, launched on the 5th of January 2022 following a successful presale on the 4th of January. The total supply of C-Arcade is 1,000,000,000 CAP tokens. 44.5% of these have been locked for 6 months and will be unlocked if the need arises in terms of token rewards. If deemed unnecessary the tokens will be locked in again. 15% Has been reserved for direct game rewards, 6% for marketing & development 3% for airdrops and 10% for CEX listings. The rest has been offered through PankCakeSwap and during initial pre-sale through PinkSale.

The creators of this project have been in crypto for years and, being gamers, loved the play-to-earn concept. The only issue they saw is that most of these games offer either no fun while playing, are very long and tedious to earn, or offer almost no rewards. Reminiscing about their younger years playing in arcades on carnivals and fairs they decided to try and make people enjoy these games as they used to enjoy the arcade games. And earn while doing it of course.