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Bela Ecosystem, allows anyone irrespective of their wealth or location to earn, liquid passive income using Binance Chain Smart contracts. Hold in your wallet and earn.

We are building the best DEX charting and Data Analytics platform in the market, here are some of the products that we will be releasing soon.

Bela Charts

Next-Generation feature-packed DEX charts will be launched and integrated within the Bela platform. Users will be able to track their favorite tokens, chart, and analyze on TradingView charts. Over time we will enable users to buy and sell.

Bela Analytics

Track your Bela token income and other Defi/crypto data metrics from one simple dashboard.

Liquidity Pools & Farms

Earn a consistent stream of income from other popular farming pools directly from the Bela user dashboard.

Lending & Borrowing Borrow crypto by using your Bela tokens as collateral and earn transaction fees at the same time!