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SUPERPIXEL Price Live Data

Super Pixel is an amazing play 2 earn platform game. It is a super fun and challenging 2D side-scroller pixel art style game. You're definitely going to love it if you have played games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Sonic.


In Super Pixel, the player takes control of Mr.Pixel and is tasked with sending him through various trials that ultimately lead to saving Princess Strawberry. In the two player mode, player one will play for as long as possible until his character dies, after which the second player will take his place and control other Mr. Pixel.

There are various obstacles littered throughout each stage, some working against Mr.Pixel and others acting as simple traps set by King Mushroom. Some obstacles don't immediately seem to pose a threat such as blocks jutting out of the ground or stationed above the player, though they can prevent the progress of them largely depending on where they're placed.



Supply: 21,000,000

Fair Launch: 40%

Team: 10% (Locked in 24 months)

Play 2 earn: 50%

Taxes: 5% (2% to LP & 3% Marketing)