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What is SolarWind Token (SLW)?

SolarWind is engineering an all new way to finance solar projects using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We’re building a high yielding lending and borrowing ecosystem that is powered by SolarWind Token – the currency of pioneers. Pioneers that are choosing to push the world forward into an abundant and bright future.

SLW is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Increasing staking yields and receiving crypto rewards on our mobile app
  • Payments within our ecosystem for items like home battery units
  • Participating in our future launchpad events and distributions
  • Solar installers to stake for premium placement on our solar installer’s directory

The full process of financing a project from start to finish is made possible through our mobile app. We have a dedicated project fund wallet that will be used to pay solar installers. Every new installer will be required to create a wallet and have it listed with their company name on our website. The funds will be paid to the installer according to the project milestones. Upon project completion, the customer will be able to make payments back to the project fund wallet with a credit or debit card via our mobile app.

Bitcoin and crypto mining facilities will also be able to quickly and easily go solar with SolarWind! This will reduce or even eliminate their monthly electric expense, making them more profitable, competitive, and resilient in market downturns. Bitcoin miners will be able to pay in BTC, which will also back the value of $SLW.

What Makes SolarWind Unique?

We’ve engineered an entirely new way to invest! Gone are the days of buying something based on speculation, hoping it will go up in the future. SolarWind assets are building and generating value in the real world. Staking SLW and/or stablecoins in the SolarWind app will allow more solar installations to be built out on residential and commercial properties and Bitcoin mining facilities. Repayments (principal + interest) from these locations will then be distributed back to the stakers on the SolarWind app.

Our own crypto miner will also be installed with each location (e.g., Helium miner). It would use a small portion of the freely generated energy from the sun. The monthly output of the miners would also be redistributed back to the app users that stake (as well as the homeowner/business owner if they so choose).

Our token is unique because we are the first to market with this concept in the solar industry, allowing anyone from around the world to participate in the growth of the renewable energy sector. We are also addressing Bitcoin’s energy issues by integrating miners into our ecosystem and providing them with an abundant source of clean energy.

Who Are the Founders of SolarWind?

SolarWind is a young and growing community launched by co-founders Roy Sowah, CEO, and Archibald Ocloo-Lee, COO. The SolarWind core team is enthusiastic, energetic, sincere, and transparent.

Roy is a solar industry expert, and crypto enthusiast. Roy points out an increase in demand from clients for solar installations - but also a bottleneck holding back explosive growth in the solar sector for consumers… Traditional banks and lenders have a problem with structuring loans for solar installations.

Archie is a real estate investor and also a crypto enthusiast. Archie is organized, creative, and action-oriented. He looks for opportunities to add value and make a difference in the circles and projects he’s involved in. Helping people, brands, and companies take it to the next level by working harder AND smarter is one of Archie’s many strengths.

Learn more about the SolarWind app here.

Learn more about SolarWind Token here.

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How Many SLW Coins Are There in Circulation?

SolarWind Token launched on Binance Smart Chain on May 11, 2021 with 1 billion SLW tokens created at genesis. The dev wallet has been fully expended and more than 50% of the supply has been burned as of January 2022.

Where Can I Buy SolarWind Token (SLW)?

SLW is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges, with cryptocurrency and stablecoin pairs currently available.

PancakeSwap offers the largest number of pairs as of January 2022, while DEX-TRADE also offers Tether (USDT) options.

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