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EGO Price Live Data

EGO is an internal token of the Paysenger service. You can buy and sell NFT through Paysenger only for EGO. It helps you to predict the demand for the token. The more people use the product, the higher the liquidity of the token. The users can buy EGO on the platform by any convenient payment method.

The influencer can provide a wide range of services: from "small talk" to the creation of individualized media content (for instance, songs or videos). Each service can be paid with fiat money, as well as BNB, BUSD, or EGO tokens.

EGO will also be used for sales in the internal NFT market. You can't buy NFT for another currency at an internal auction. The users will have the opportunity to tokenize the content from the influencers in the form of NFT.

The minting NFT fee can be paid in EGO tokens only. Now we are working on launching advertising for the influencers and our base of opinion leaders is 1 million in 50+ countries By the way, the influencers can already start making real money in Paysenger So EGO tokens are already preparing to fly from the Paysenger platform into the boundless spaces of the blockchain