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Grilled Chicken Token is: — Fully integrated on Binance Smart Chain. We care about our community and won’t allow those draconian Ethereum fees to spoil your appetite! Not only that, since the core component of Grilled Chicken Token is reciprocation and sharing we ENCOURAGE people to share, trade, and exchange their tokens which is best served in the Binance Chain restaurant. — Community is at the Healthy Heart of our core ideals. We believe that everyone should be both enjoying their Chicken meat and sharing their love for it with everyone else. Grilled Chicken Token is all about sharing which is encouraged and INCENTIVIZED in a number of ways. — We are devoted to getting Chicken Grilled Token to the masses and we won’t stop until we get everyone on board of our Tender, juicy, and scrumptious Chicken Rocket. On a serious note, we have a vision and plan on how to get it executed. We are a persistent team of like-minded individuals that have been in Crypto for a number of years and we see the untapped potential ready to be filled!