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About the Forward Protocol ICO

Toolkits for Decentralized Value-Driven Economy

WordPress for Web 3.0

Toolkits are blockchain agnostic, industry agnostic and adoption focused. Forward Protocol is simple to use with no-code, drag and drop interface, allowing users to deploy their own app - in any EVM chain - with no programming skills.

Forward Factory: Any platform can install its open-source application integrated with the smart contracts of choice (fully customizable), pre-integrated with Forward Protocol and $FORWARD.

The Forward Protocol architecture will be layered, dividing each segment of the value-driven economy into multiple smart contracts to provide targeted solutions for specific problems.

Platforms that deploy contracts through Forward Factory can set the fees (revenue model) for users on their platform, turn features on/off, modify terms/policies, and easily integrate these modifications with their business model.

The process is designed to help platforms deploy and become blockchain-ready with a much shorter lead time than it would take to develop a platform themselves.

The Forward Ecosystem

Forward Protocol * Forward Factory * Proof of Ownership (PoO) * Initial Value Offering (IKO) * Proof of Value-Delivered (PoVD) * Proof of Value (PoV) * Distributed Rewards and Revenue Sharing (DRRS) * Forward ID * Forward Pay

Tokens & Staking * FORWARD (Forward Token - Utility) * FUSD (Forward USD - Stable) * Staking & LP Contracts * Governance

Forward Chain * Forward Explorer * Forward Bridge * Multiple Consensus * Forward SDK

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