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BURNDOGE Price Live Data

BurnDoge was launched in 12/08/2021 by a team based in Singapore with the purpose of being a fully decentralized hyperdeflationary project which rewards investors for holding while also being one of the first that include automatic reward and automatic burn into our system. One of the most exciting aspects of BurnDoge token is the redistribution and auto burn mechanism that rewards 4% of every single buy or sell transaction directly to existing holders while burning 4% of it automatically for you.

Thus, when investors hold BurnDoge, their wallet balance continues to increase automatically. The 4% distributions are calculated based on the size of the transaction and then distributed to BurnDoge holders proportionally to the size of the individuals’ holdings. Whenever a sell or buy occurred, a fraction of the amount is sent to the burn address, which automatically burns every time there’s a transaction, thus putting it out of circulation permanently.

We have a mechanism that's called Burning Wallet where we would lock a certain amount of token for a period of time and when its unlock by phases all of the token would be sent to the burn address thus creating price stability for the token