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ANIVERSE was founded back in 2019, and ANV coin is designed to ensure the users' engagement on ANIVERSE theme park platform. Because of this, ANIVERSE users will be rewarded for their participation while they create their own products and contents through the open-source IP on the platform. ANIVERSE have already developed a compelling alpha version platform and tested a data-driven marketing to draw users from the existing channels like youtubes,facebook etc. The team ANIVERSE aims to redistribute the IP exclusive right to individuals -contributing to building the creative and fair IP ecosystem.

The iconic character of ANIVERSE 'Larva' which is positioned as a global animation IP, broadcasts its animation series to more than 190 countries. ANIVERSE has numerous 3D animation IPs and has developed its IP business across over 7 fields-Licensing, Merchandising, MCN, VOD, Educational contents, Mobile Games and theme park.

ANIVERSE project team utilizes their years of animation IP business know-how and business networks around the world to create 'Contents Theme Park Platform'. 'Contents Theme Park Platform' enables the users to experience various IP contents and communicate with each other through a live-streaming broadcast.

Blockchain technology applied to ANIVERSE platform increases the transparency and accountability to keep a profit-sharing plan under the contract. The worldwide famous IP in ANIVERSE platform, combined with blockchain technology applied to the various businesses will invite a lot of users.