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Internxt Internxt (INXT)

0.726590 USD (14.67%)
0.00009089 BTC (14.48%)
0.00420190 ETH (15.72%)

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457,468 USD
57 BTC
2,646 ETH
45,544 USD
5.70 BTC
263.38 ETH
629,610 INXT
629,610 INXT


# ソース ペア ボリューム(24時間) 値段 ボリューム(%) カテゴリ 料金タイプ 更新された
1 Mercatox INXT/BTC $45,544 $0.726590 100.00% Spot Percentage 最近
2 Mercatox INXT/ETH $0 $0.380423 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
3 SouthXchange INXT/BTC $0 $0.799496 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
4 YoBit INXT/BTC $0 $0.676386 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
5 YoBit INXT/USD $0 $2.20 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
6 IDEX INXT/ETH $0 $0.667608 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
7 LATOKEN INXT/BTC $0 $2.88 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
8 LATOKEN INXT/ETH $0 $1.73 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近





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Internxt aims to offer a suite of innovative services that are suitable to be used by the mass-market. X Cloud, Internxt's first service, is described by the team as a distributed, secure, and private cloud storage service which strives to compete with services such as Dropbox, Sync, and Amazon S3.

Through decentralization and zero-knowledge encryption, the team aims to create an ecosystem for users to enjoy the benefits of cloud services with added security and privacy. With X Cloud, files are client-side encrypted, fragmented, and replicated in different machines across the globe. X Cloud can be accessed via its web, desktop or smartphone apps, as well as via API.

Internxt's token (INXT) is used as a means of payment to Hosts who participate in the X Core program. There are 629,000 INXT circulating. This supply is also INXT's max supply since no more INXT will be generated. At X Core, Hosts can earn money by hosting small pieces of encrypted files. X Cloud customers pay Hosts, directly or indirectly, with INXT. Fiat can also be used to automatically purchase INXT at market price and sent to Hosts participating in the X Core program. Internxt will eventually reserve a small % (commission) from the transactions made, which will be used to improve its products and services.

Internxt データ
Internxt 価格 0.726590 USD
Internxt ROI -58.16%
市場ランキング #1088
時価総額 457,468 USD
24時間ボリューム 45,544 USD
循環サプライ 629,610 INXT
総合サプライ 629,610 INXT
最大供給 629,610 INXT
過去最高値 37.04 USD
過去最低値 0.415613 USD
52週 高値 / 安値 5.45 USD /
0.416031 USD
90日 高値/安値 2.95 USD /
0.416031 USD
30日 高値/安値 2.18 USD /
0.416031 USD
7日 高値/安値 1.12 USD /
0.416031 USD
24時間 高値/安値 1.12 USD /
0.576096 USD
昨日の高値/安値 1.11 USD /
0.565359 USD
昨日の始値/終値 0.575045 USD /
1.11 USD
昨日の変動 $0.539542 USD (+93.83%)
昨日のボリューム $46,127 USD