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In the current landscape, low-cap cryptocurrencies are considered some of the most profitable, yet risky ventures available in the market. The nature of these assets are extremely volatile, causing vicissitudes based on marketing and community cooperation rather than underlying fundamentals.

However, micro-cap projects with solid fundamentals will find this ecosystem to be filled with users looking to support their thesis and drive growth into a rapidly growing space. The issue with this, is that these tokens are extremely difficult to purchase as exchanges and trading platforms do not offer low-cap cryptocurrencies on their markets until they have passed their qualifying criteria. Willie aims to change that by creating a micro-cap launchpad and platform to allow for the creation, incubation, audit, and release of low-cap cryptocurrencies giving users a trusted source to find a vetted list of exciting projects. Through the launch of our mobile app, token creators would have the ability to launch their projects from start to finish using our seamless incubation process. App users will have the ability to deposit fiat currency and receive WILLIE, our native token, which can then be used to hold or trade for all available small-cap cryptocurrencies in a matter of seconds.