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Self-reported circulating supply
50,000,000,000 BDAG
Total supply
150,000,000,000 BDAG
Max. supply
150,000,000,000 BDAG

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About BlockDAG

BlockDAG is a hybrid concept that combines features of both traditional blockchains and DAGs. It retains the benefits of DAGs, such as high scalability and faster transaction processing, while integrating the security and trust of blockchain consensus mechanisms. BlockDAG emerges as a groundbreaking solution, meticulously merging the strengths of both blockchain and DAG architectures. It leverages the robust security and decentralization of blockchains while incorporating the efficient, scalable transaction processing of DAGs. This strategic integration allows blockDAG to handle a significantly higher volume of transactions at faster speeds compared to traditional blockchains. By overcoming the inherent limitations of both technologies, blockDAG paves the way for a future where distributed ledgers can seamlessly scale to meet the ever-growing demands of the cryptocurrency and broader digital landscape.