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In Vmates, players can participate in the cultivation of NFT virtual pets, interactions, and a series of games with social attributes, and build their own homes and commercial facilities in the PLAZA social square.

The PET- Pet Cultivating

• Players can adopt their first NFT pet through careful nurturing and companionship. With Vmates, there are endless fun activities that players can participate in within this new meta-verse focusing on pet companionship and socialization.

The PLAZA- Social Square

• In the sand-box PLAZA social square, players can enjoy mini-games, social interactions with others and their pets, also did the home creation and construction, jointly building a space for themselves, and set sail towards this new social meta-verse. In terms of basic gameplay, Vmates will provide users with two interlinked game functions:

In the pet cultivating system, users will have access to all platforms including WEB, desktop and mobile terminals. Any parenting records will be stored on the chain to achieve seamless summoning of pets. After carefully cultivating their own NFT pet, users can choose one to join the PLAZA as their proxy image.