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„VMS Coin‟ can mine cryptocurrency using the power generated by driving a vehicle. Normal cryptocurrency mining operations are carried out in building structures called mining fields. In the fixed mining system, a cooling system or ventilation system must be additionally built to cool the heat generated in a large amount in a fixed place, and there is also a risk of fire if effective heat dissipation is not achieved. A vehicle-driven mining mining system is a stable mining system that compensates for these shortcomings. The power consumed is provided by the operation of the electric vehicle and supports the interworking of the mining computer system, display, and central server. Mining is carried out only when authentication is successful through the user authentication process, and it is also possible to prevent the cryptocurrency obtained by mining from being incorrectly paid to others. The owner of 'VMS Coin' can invest in projects and trade on virtual asset exchanges through the coins they have as an investment operator. In addition, since it has a value as a cryptocurrency and can be swapped with other coins, there is a variety of uses. It is „VMS Coin‟ that guarantees a stable mining system and can promote the value increase of virtual currencies that are rising in value. Afterwards, it is possible to link to the payment method of the electric vehicle charging system due to the increase in users. It can directly affect various platforms, and its value as a virtual currency also increases. The mining concept of existing virtual currency has been developed by fusion with actual use, and users are built to contribute to the ecosystem by operating an electric vehicle equipped with a vehicle-driven mining mining system. In addition, it is possible for service users to use platform services that allow cryptocurrency payment methods other than mining systems.