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What is an Untitled Platformer?

Untitled is a retro real-time multiplayer blockchain platformer. It’s an entirely free to play Play2Earn game that allows you to dynamically explore the different 32-Bit worlds with other players.

Untitled was created to the merge the gap between Web2 and Web3 Gaming. It makes use of a Hybrid on-chain / off-chain system where all the complex mathematics and decision making is done in-engine and not on-chain. This means no need for multiple transactions or calls to smart contracts, which in turn means no gas fees are required.

Untitled is focussed on the following core features:

  1. Real-time multiplayer

Untitled is powered by Photon Engine which allows us to power multiple servers around the world and cross-play between Mobile and Computer devices. Jumping into the world of Untitled is as simple as a few button clicks. We currently support Asia, Europe and Oceania. More regions can be added in future with minimal impact to development.

  1. Play To Earn

The core rewarding mechanic in Untitled is movement. If you move (and actively play the game) you get rewarded Untitled Tokens. If you stop moving, you gradually start losing.

Other factors that affect your tokens are players sabotaging you, you sabotaging other players, traps and then bonus items scattered around the worlds. All this logic is determined in-engine, making it instant, accurate and transparent.

  1. Fun Gameplay

Untitled is focused on creating fun gameplay moments by adding dynamic elements and traps making every run feel different. Sprinkle in other players, chickens and several different power-ups and you have yourself a party! We're here to make blockchain gaming FUN again!

  1. Accessibility

Untitled is actively focused on lowering the entry barrier for both web3 and traditional gamers. We offer Torus wallet as a non-custodial option for gamers that prefer to not make use of a crypto wallet. Torus allows you to connect using your social account of choice and jump right into the action!

Untitled is aimed towards providing one of the most accessible and fun P2E solutions to date.