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UltraChad is a deflationary token with an 10% total tax on each transaction of which 5% is added to liquidity and 5% is proportionally rewarded to token holders. The total supply is fixed at 1 quadrillion tokens and the majority of tokens were added to a PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool + Distributed to a previous project (ChadMoon) token holders and participants of multiple Social Media posts (Twitter, 4chan, Reddit and the "Launch Party" telegram group)

UltraChad mission is to provide a highly deflationary token, with some volatility.

An GameFi integration is work in progress with a Street of Rage like NFT-Based Videogame.

UltraChads commits to transparency in all things and has renounced contract ownership, locked the liquidity pool for 6 months, and distributed between holders and participants of multiple events more than 16% of the total supply.