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The economic component of the game is based on Blockchain. In the game itself, the unique entities (bases, items, ships) are tied to the NFT on Binance Smart Chain.

The $SSR token is used to purchase resources and NFT. The following are the things that can be purchased for $SSR tokens: 1. Territories - There are two types of territories on which the player can build his infrastructure and gather resources. - Asteroid field - it’s an area in outer space where the player can build an infrastructure for resources extraction from astronomical bodies. As a rule, such places have a small area of development, and resources on them are limited. Modules (hangars, factories, mines) are prefabricated and can be transported to other zones. - Planetoid – it’s an area with a large development zone, the complexity of development also changes depending on the type of planet. Unlike asteroids, the resources on planetoids are almost unlimited, but you must make upgrades for continuous development, such as: terraforming, development of factories, mines, warehouses. 2. Ships are the basis of the gameplay. There are three types of spaceships - combat, cargo, and support. Every ship has a different rarity. NFT tokens are used to make any ownership or transfer deals; 3. Stations are areas where the player can place hangars, trade resources or build production to gather them. The player is not limited to the construction of production bases - it is possible to place pirate outposts, medical stations, scientific or even military facilities. Deuterium is a fuel that allows players to fight other players in the arena. The more powerful the ship, the greater the fuel consumption what means less fights the player can fight. There are several ways to acquire deuterium: completing quests, deploying mining complexes, and increasing the storage size.