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210,000 SHARES community




WEB3 Innovative investing protocol. Launch shares, not tokens, and follow the new #crypto trend. Facilitating revenue sharing & staking

The power of Shares Shares are perfect for REVENUE SHARING and STAKING! They’ve always been used for revenue sharing IRL, which has been hitting hard in the #crypto market (e.g: $UNIBOT), and our platform also facilitates it. Our protocol also includes staking for projects that create shares.

We’re used to seeing either tokens, or NFTs – but we have never seen shares in crypto (yet!) Basically, a project, company, community or influencer decides to launch, and sets a number of shares for their launch. The IPO (like NFT minting) occurs, and then the shares go live!

Tokenomics With a low supply of 210,000 tokens, $SHARES is live The shares ecosystem will have its shares company on the shares platform soon, but first, we’re launching our token on #ethereum Liquidity was added on Uniswap V3 pool

Taxes: 0 % Total Supply: 210,000