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Blockchain hardware and software technology is becoming a global standard because it provides automation, resilience, security, transparency, sovereignty, and ease of transfer. Every day there are literally thousands of blockchain projects, cryptocurrency coins, and Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT’s being launched with unpredictable results (Click here to see a video summary) (Click here to see the company’s commercials). Every day people are looking to get in on the ground floor of the next cryptocurrency or NFT that increases in value exponentially within the first few months after they begin trading, but only a handful of people are lucky enough to get in at the right time. The value of the most popular coins are based almost entirely on their utility, their ease of transfer, and the momentum and volume of buying and selling by people who knowingly cooperate with each other to promote a coin for the sole purpose of enjoying large upward swells in the price of the coin that they are all buying. It’s hard to know what coins to buy when very few cryptocurrency coins are backed by any real underlying business that could help to generate value for their coin through mechanisms like buy-backs. For this reason, buying any cryptocurrency coins should be considered as high-risk speculation and people should never buy more than they can afford to lose. While nobody can predict the next most popular coin or how high or low its price will be, invites you to join a community of coin holders who are supported by the business of who all believe that by working together they can and will make a difference in the world by uplifting and helping people and helping to create a safety net for themselves in case they ever need help. is a for-profit blockchain business with compassion that is committed to using up to 1/3 of its resources generated from its business to help overcome the problems of hunger, homelessness, health, the provision of clean energy, and also help to provide disaster relief. Rx SeedCoin has an exciting and unique business model that includes strong business partners in the Blockchain development world as well as in the clean energy sector that are partnering and integrating RxSeedCoin’s Blockchain technology into their deployments. The business model is centered on the following pillars: 1. Engaging in the Core Business of Blockchain Solutions: Creating and selling Blockchain technology solutions for businesses and individuals and helping to make Blockchain technology an easy-to-use utility for the people everywhere. 2. Leveraging Capital Formation for Expansion: Leveraging Blockchain technology such as its wSOW-Coin and other un-securitized and securitized products, such as NFT’s as a means to generate the finance necessary to expand its business operations. 3. Uplifting Humanity, Creating Community, and Inspiring People: Using buy-backs and other intensives to support the market for wSOW-Coin and other modalities that enable people to uplift people in need and help each other in their own times of need. Partnering with other like-minded businesses. Partnering with other like-minded businesses.