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Circulating supply
16,132,310 RUPX
Total supply
71,574,905 RUPX
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About Rupaya

What Is Rupaya?

Rupaya is a decentralized cryptocurrency project that aims to empower financial freedom globally. Originally launched in 2014, Rupaya set out with a mission to bring awareness of cryptocurrencies and financial autonomy to the people of South Asia. Over the years, the project has evolved, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the crypto market. Key Features and Functionality

Rupaya initially started as a scrypt Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain based on Litecoin. However, the project faced challenges when miners quickly increased the difficulty and then left the network, leading to a stuck blockchain. In response, the team shifted to a more sustainable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain based on Blackcoin. Despite these improvements, the platform had limitations in terms of features.

To overcome these issues, Rupaya eventually forked the PIVX codebase, which provided enhanced performance and functionality. However, the 2018 crypto winter brought significant sell-offs, and the project encountered further challenges with exploits in the PIVX codebase.

In 2019, Rupaya made a pivotal move by forking TomoChain and transitioning to an Ethereum-based chain powered by masternodes. This shift introduced new opportunities and features for the platform. However, the project also faced setbacks due to some team members exploiting the codebase and impacting the market negatively.

Currently, Rupaya has adopted an ERC-20 token contract on Binance Chain, allowing users to reflect their holdings using this new standard. The project has expanded its target audience, aiming to reach a global community beyond its initial focus on the South Asian market.

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