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What Is Prometheus (PHI)?

Prometheus is a DaaS (DeFi as a Service) protocol hosted on the BNB Chain.

Prometheus is caracterized by its high return on its investment treasury. For exemple, the value of the Prometheus treasury grew by 52% in the month of July 2022.

The return of these investments are then redistributed one time a month to its investors in form of BUSD dividends.

Check here the history of Prometheus treasury.

What Is The Tokenomics of the Prometheus Protocol?

$PHI Token

The $PHI Token is the native token of Prometheus. It can be used to:

  1. Buy "Temples" and receive $PHI rewards every day (like bying a share of the protocol).
  2. To be locked in order to receive $dPHI, the dividend token to increase the share of the BUSD dividends.

At the fair launch, on the 15th January 2022, 21 million of $PHI tokens were created.

The token allocation was :

  • 5% for the team unlocked linearly over 12 Months;
  • 4% for partnerships and ecosystem growth;
  • 40% burned at the moment of the creation of the contract;
  • 51% for the rewards distribution;

$gPHI Token

The $gPHI token is the governance token which is used by the investors to vote on important decisions regarding the protocol.

Each Temple holder receives a certain amount of $gPHI tokens according to the price of the Temple he purchased.

The governance token ($gPHI) cannot be sold or transferred.

Owning $gPHI automaticly gives you a share of the monthly BUSD dividends.

What Makes the Prometheus Protocol Unique?

Monthly stable coins dividends (BUSD)

A portion of the profits from the treasury is returned monthly to the investors in the form of BUSD dividends.

The dividend is divided between the $gPHI holders and the $dPHI holders.

You can check the amount of dividends distributed since the begining on the Dapp.

The Floating Sell Tax

A floating sell tax system encourages the development of a healthy and sustainable growing line.

If the price of $PHI goes up, the sell tax goes down (as down as 10% minimum). If the price of $PHI goes down, the sell tax goes up (up to 50% maximum).

NB: The BUSD dividends are NOT taxed by the protocol.

The Rewards Decay

A daily decay system causes a decrease of ROI on $PHI tokens Temple rewards over 1 year. More information in the docs.

This feature is meant to increase the sustainability of the protocol.

The Bonds

The protocol allows purchasing Temples with $BUSD and enjoy a discount. The major part of the profits are used to fund the treasury.

The bonds are available in limited quantities and for a certain period of time.

The 4 Different Types of Temples

From the cheapest Temple to the most expensive:

The Apollo Temple / The Kratos Temple / The Ares Temple / The Zeus Temple

The entry barrier is adapted to every kind of investors.

Find the different Temple here.


Each of these Temple also allows holders to receive governance tokens ($gPHI).

More info here.

The more $gPHI you own, the more you have impact on the DAO votes.

Who Is Behind The Prometheus Team?

To ensure their safety and privacy, the Prometheus team has decided not to appear publicly (for now).

However, in order to put the future investors comfortable, they chose to get the members of the Prometheus core team KYC/Doxxed by “Assure DeFi”.

Here is the link of the article on the Assure official website.

Where Can I Buy Prometheus Token (PHI)?

$PHI is available for trading on:

The Temple creation can be done on the Prometheus Dapp.