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Privi Trax is decentralized music streaming dApp, launching as one of the first dApps in the Privi Zoo, the decentralized app store of the Privi Ecosystem.

Privi Trax was built to give power back to the people who deserve it the most - artists and their biggest fans. Privi Trax allows artists to earn more than what they do on traditional centralized streaming services, aims to reduce piracy, and allows listeners to earn alongside their favorite artists. Privi Trax can be described as a mix of a decentralized Spotify with DeFi functionalities.

Select features: - Web and Mobile music player - Music DAO - Yield - Song and App Staking - Pods - Claimable Music

Privi Trax as dApp will be governed by holders of the Privi Trax ($TRAX) token, available on Pancakeswap from August 2021 after launch on several launchpads (Ignition, BSCpad and Safelaunch).