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Pegazus is a charity-oriented token, There have been alot of RFI type projects lately but none of them had an actual utility that would make the project useful longterm. Our solution is to make a token that will not only apply a 6% burn fee and a 1% redistribution fee, but also swap 1% of tokens from every transaction to BNB and send it to Pegazus Donation wallet and then send to the Binance charity donation wallet. PEGazus shares this viewpoint. As cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity and versatility, it’s evolving into a tool which allows us to approach traditional problems from a new perspective. Using this token as our vantage point, PEGazus is enacting innovative yet realistic options which will allow us to improve as many lives as possible. While there are several charity tokens based on specific humanitarian issues, PEGazus is focused on the bigger picture.