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GLASS token uses a fair system of taxing each token transaction with a constant percentage. Reducing circulating supply, and redistributing GLASS rewards to holders to create further value for its users. It applies an automated, built-in regulatory mechanism, to mitigate the risks of price inflation, and gradually reduces total supply in proportion with transaction volume and frequency. At the base of the GLASS Token, is a unique reflector algorithm that utilizes programmed intelligence to implement a fair and consistent passive accumulation of tokens directly to holders’ wallets.

During the launch phase of, 50 trillion GLASS were sent to the 0x000-01 burn address. By sending GLASS to the burn address, the burn address became a GLASS holder - and like all other GLASS holders, the burn address receives a portion of all the GLASS transaction fees. But unlike all the other holders of GLASS, these GLASS can not be moved, ever. This creates a permanent burn of GLASS, making the token supply deflationary. This also strengthens the ever-growing price floor from the auto liquidity being stacked by transaction fees. A simple way to explain this is: When coins are sent to the burn address, they are coins that can never be sold. So they are negative-sell-pressure.