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NUDEZ Price Live Data

With a desire to be impactful and useful, Nudezcoin is not a typical “meme coin.” The Nudezcoin platform proposes to offer an amateur performance platform, where models retain 100% of their earnings. Unlike current platforms who withhold 25% of income, models will benefit immensely from selecting Nudezcoin as their platform of choice.

Additionally, by the platform’s only accepted currency being Nudezcoin, cryptocurrency investors should expect an increasing demand, with a decreasing supply; in short, investors should reasonably speculate to see an ever rising price floor. Users of the Nudezcoin performance platform will no longer have the traditional concerns of lack of anonymity.

With the blockchain being incredibly secure, telegram being encrypted and potential partnerships with further transaction masking providers, users will have little concern over their secrets being traced. There is no other platform in existence that can say the same.