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What Is Noah Coin (NOAHP)?

Noah Coin is the native token of Noah DeFi City - the first decentralized state built on blockchain which aims to redefine the concept of statehood. Noah Citizens receive a share of the state's income in the form of NOAHP coins, they never pay taxes and have access to popular DeFi solutions.

Noah DeFi City's governance system is fully controlled by its citizens. They decide on its future development through a Voting system, which is available via Noah Custodian Wallet.

Noah DeFi City was founded on 2nd November 2019 at the first congress of Noah Holders. The political system for Noah DeFi City is direct democracy. It has its own blockchain called Noah Blockchain that's based on a Delegated-Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Noah DeFi City will exist in two forms - Digital and Physical.

All processes are regulated through digital voting. The DPoS-based technology grants all participants full transparency on voting. Noah Citizens participate in all political decisions.

Using the NOAHP coin, any member of the Noah community can:

  • Purchase or upgrade Noah Citizenship

  • Participate in Voting or Staking

  • Become a Delegator/Validator

  • Pay fees within Noah Blockchain

  • Obtain special Land Shares

As of now, Noah Coin is available on two blockchains: Ethereum (ERC-20) and Noah Blockchain.

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