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About Hydraledger

Hydraledger (HYD) is a decentralized permissionless cross-chain infrastructure for self-sovereign identity.

With the use of SSI (self-sovereign identity), persons, organizations, as well as things, receive the possibility of managing their digital identity themselves, to control it, and to determine which personal attributes are to be transmitted in the course of an authentication process.

The basis is formed by DIDs (decentralized identifiers), which are created by SSI owners themselves and then – following certification by an issuer (e.g. the postal service) – can be used referenced and as verifiable proof, so-called VCs (verified credentials).

Stored in a type of electronic wallet (ID wallet), DIDs and credentials can then be used just like ID or certificates in the analog world to securely transmit verifiable data from one point to another.

Hydraledger is open source and aims to follow international standards provided by organizations such as W3C to ensure maximum interoperability and to allow developers to more easily create their own software powered by the Hydraledger stack.