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What Is HyperBurn (HYPR)?

HyperBurn is a reflect token concept built on top of Binance Smart Chain which focuses on cultivating a community of long term holders via ‘reflect’ distributions to all holders. Launched originally as the THUGS token in October 2020, early in Binance Smart Chains infancy and was rebranded to HyperBurn in early 2021.

HYPR relies on a few basic principles:

A deflationary token with a burn on every transaction after buying. The burn rate is based on a curve against the price of BNB. The highest rate is 33% and the lowest rate is 0.5%. The "burn" is divided into three portions:

  • 50% distributed to holder wallets
  • 25% burned out of total supply forever
  • 25% distributed to burn vault for development

The HYPR ecosystem includes:

  • A fully functional Automated Market Maker (AMM) known as HyperSwap.
  • A farming sister token in $ALLOY which powers a Yield Farm and Dual Staking.
* Automated Buy Backs of HYPR.
  • A supply that is constantly deflating.
* Future gaming integrations into dApps.